When I meet with sellers I am often met with an attitude that they are the experts in selling a home.  My thought in that case is why do you need me?  The truth is many people consider themselves an expert, not the person who has sold enough property to make Warren Buffet sit up and take notice.

My first wife was a physician.  Her mother used to argue with her over medical issues.  She would emphatically state the opinion of one of her friends, or someone on the news in regards to health or something in the medical field.  My wife would calmly tell her mother the real truth reminding her that she was a Doctor, not the source from which she heard the tall tale.  Still she would believe her friend.  Some people you simply cannot help.

If that describes you I think you're going to be in for a very disappointing selling experience.  If your realtor has 20 years of experience and tells you to change the colors, make repairs, or to take other actions you may want to take it to heart.  Like your doctor they want to make you better, in the case of your home, better financially.  If you think you know it all, life is going to be much less profitable for you.

Just saying...