Showings and Offers

How do you know if your home is in the market or out of it? It really is as simple as showings and offers. If you think you have priced your house right, and you haven’t had any showings, the market is telling you that you are out of the market. But what if you have priced right, so that you are getting showings but no offers.

Statistic shows that if your house has been listed for two weeks with no offers, you are in the area of No Buyer’s Land. It’s in this area that you are attracting the attention of buyers but you are only helping to sell the house down the street. Research shows that buyer’s interest in property generally declines after the first several weeks. That means that showings without offers in the first two weeks are not only selling the competition but they mean that you are going to lose buyer’s attention quickly in the very time when you need it most. Your goal is to get an acceptable offer early.

So, if you’ve got no showings and no offers in two weeks, you are probably out of the market. If you have got showings but no offer, you are closer and may be on the market but not close enough to be in the market. Once you have got your house in the market you should see an offer within 2 weeks.