I have had quite a few interesting experiences on Listing Appointments.  Some have been quite memorable and the colors are burned brilliantly in my mind.

What do I mean?  How do I put this gently?  Some people have no sense of color!!  I have been in homes that are painted every color under the rainbow.  While that may suit your taste I can assure you it will result in you getting less for your property. In addition, I have seen paint jobs, done by the owners, where paint is all over the woodwork, splashed on the ceiling, etc.   I have even seen one house where the walls were not painted all the way up because the people were to short to reach. 

Needless to say a bad paint job is much much worse than simply white or beige walls.  One of the interesting things is that if your home is painted neutral in white or beige, and a person does not like the color, they will say to me and themselves that they can paint it.  If it is painted in horrid colors, or painted poorly, people won't buy it.  Don't ask me why but it happens all the time.  It is probably due to the first impression being negative.

If you are going to paint use some judgment.  Accent walls are fine, even colors are fine.  However, do it right or hire it done so it is done right.  Otherwise you will be repainting prior to selling or taking significantly less for your property than you would otherwise.

Just saying...