Repairs and Improvements?

If you are thinking about making repairs to your home before selling, talk to your agent about which repairs are necessary, and which might not be.  If you made significant improvements to your home to make it your dream home, you probably already know that you are not going to get full value for these improvements at resale.

In fact, aside from replacing the front door, no home improvement project gave more than an 85% return on investment. At best, that’s a 15% guaranteed loss on your money. Recent improvements can help your house make a buyers short list. But to first catch the buyer’s attention and then to be the one the buyer ultimately chooses, pricing matters most.  Of course that assumes your property is in similar condition to others in the area.

However, if your home has not had proper maintenance or updates then it may be necessary to make some repairs simply to stand a chance at selling at a reasonable price.  Buyers will discount significantly more in their minds for deferred maintenance than it usually costs to fix it.   Unless you are an expert hire people to make updates.  I have seen many properties reduced in value by sellers making their own repairs when they are not competent to do so.  Taking a class at a home improvement center does not make you competent to lay tile, carpet or do most other repairs.