Markets in the Mid-West definitely go through cycles.  However, the variation in the number of sales has changed over time.  It used to be that come the end of November the market went on vacation till mid-March.  The last several years I have seen the market heating up much earlier.  In fact, I am seeing lots of activity as early as February 15th.

It makes sense to be on the market late in February if your target is to move in the spring.  Given the average time on market that has you moving in May or June.  Closing time is obviously one of the things you can negotiate, and we even work it into our listings if someone wants to move at a certain time.  You will often find a buyer who has kids in school or for other reasons does not want to move till May.  Could simply be the warmer weather for the move. 

This delay gives you, the seller, the opportunity to pack up slowly and to locate another home.  That way your not moving your stuff into a storage locker.  Our team is quite proficient at designing a transaction where you move out of your old home and into a new home without delay.  Feel free to contact our team to find out how.