Negotiating Room

Some sellers like the idea of listing the property higher and then indicating they are flexible and willing to negotiate. But pricing the house too high means running the risk of getting no offers, and then it won’t matter if you are willing to negotiate, if there is no one to negotiate with. Buyers that might want to look at your house were it priced right will ignore it.  Later when you’re forced to lower the price they will either be out of the market or your home will have been on the market so long that they believe there is something wrong with it. 

Pricing to high almost always results in taking less than if you had priced it right the first time.  Your property can be stigmatized and get a reputation which will make it much harder to sell.  At that point you will have to do a significant price reduction to get any activity and your offers will be coming in low.   At this point, you are only attracting bargain hunters.  If you want to sell price it right, and your offers will come in close to listing price.  Price it high, and prepare to sit unsold, and ultimately take significantly less than you needed to.