Danger of Lead Based Paint

Lead based paint can be present in any home built before 1978. Lead is quite toxic and the big concern with lead is primarily with children. Children chew on the paint or it gets into the air when you sand it or scrape it off. Lead can actually cause neurological damage in children and even in adults.

Lead based paint can be managed and taken care of. But what you want to make sure of is that if you have young children in the property that any possible area that may have lead based paint is properly contained and remediated, so you don’t have any problems.  You will also need to provide tenants with a copy of a lead based paint handbook. 

Different states have different rules with lead based paint.  Some states simply require the area to be covered with another layer of paint while other requires the complete removal.  If your area requires removal or abatement be sure to get a bid as the costs can bankrupt you.