How to fix a Radon Problem in your home?

One of the questions which I get from my client, especially after the inspection, is that the Radon test came back high, and what to do. Radon is a colorless odorless gas. It has been linked to cancer and it’s found mostly in the areas that have granite rocks but it can be found anywhere in the country.

Radon gas can be easy to fix and there is no need to panic. With Radon gas, if the home is new and has a basement it will have a sump pit the people making the repairs seal any cracks in the floor; they will put airtight covers on the sump pit with a pump/fan that takes the air from the sump pit outside of the home. What happens is it creates a small vacuum underneath the slab and sucks any air out and that will lower your Radon level to safe level where it’s not going to cause you any problem.

If you don’t have a sump pit, if you have an older home, there are a couple of other methods that are used which are very similar. But in most cases, Radon can be easily mitigated. The cost range depending upon the system you need will be anywhere from $650 to $1200. If you have Radon gas in your home, don’t panic, you can mitigate it and it will solve the problem.