Septic Systems

If you are going to buy a rural property, which we work with quite a bit, you will run into septic systems or private sanitary systems. There are a couple of different types. There is traditional, mound and tertiary septic system. Basically what it does is that it takes the black and grey water from your home i.e. toilet water, bath water and kitchen water and process it through a system, which then allows it to seep down in the ground, the ground filters it, drops down in the water table and its once again safe to drink.

But before you buy a property with a septic system, you want to make sure that you inspect  them. There are some things that can go wrong.  Drains, fields can be plugged. Flapper valves cannot work. There could be some problems with the holding tanks.

You’d be better off find it before you buy the property, so you can get the seller to pay for the repairs than finding out afterwards. In addition, you probably want to have the septic system pumped. There is a holding tank. You typically want to ask the seller to have the tank pump. That way you can also do a thorough inspection. If you are getting a loan, the lender is absolutely going to require you to have an inspection on that septic system because they are not going to lend money on a property that doesn’t have a sanitary disposal system. Obviously, if you are in a city, you don’t need to worry about that but country properties, you sure do your homework.