10 things first time sellers should know

Thinking of selling your home? Good luck! The real estate market has been sluggish for a while, but now it is starting to bounce back. Take advantage of the trend in Madison real estate and prepare for success. First of all, contact Madison realtors to find a broker to handle the logistics of the sale. Next, make sure you are an informed, savvy seller. The tips below will tell you what you need to do to achieve your goal – a quick sale at a good price, leaving both you and your buyer happy.

The basics

1. Hire a broker. The help of qualified Madison realtors is indispensable to any home sale. They have experience with every aspect of selling – pricing, legalities, staging, and more. 
2. Set a realistic price. Your broker has information on recent sales of similar Madison real estate in your area, and will suggest a reasonable price. This is essential. If your home is overpriced, most likely it will sit on the market until it gets stale, without the excitement of a new listing. However, do ask for a price that leaves a potential buyer a little bargaining room.
3. Look at the housing market from a buyer’s point of view. Where do you want to move to, once your current home is sold, and what can you afford?
4. Make a moving-out plan. If you get a good offer, how long will it take you to vacate the property? If you get a GREAT offer, could you move to a temporary rental until you find your new home?


5. Don’t invest in fancy add-ons. It is very hard to recoup the value of expensive additions. Instead, focus on cosmetic upgrades.
6. Do make sure your home looks its best. Clean and tidy is a must. Painting and upkeep of the outdoor space will help your property make that all-important first impression.
7. De-personalize. The buyer wants to imagine the property as his future home. Your personal photos and belongings should be put away during viewings. Ideally, you and your family should leave the premises – go for a walk, see a movie, visit Aunt Bessie.

Getting ready to sell

8. Be forthcoming. Tell a prospective buyer the truth about any potential problems. In the beginning, this will create an atmosphere of trust and further down the line, will keep you from facing a lawsuit.
9. Remember every viewing counts. Keep your home in pristine, uncluttered condition at all times. Be ready for last minute phone calls – Madison realtors sometimes have clients who want to see your home on short notice. Your home should be fresh, clean and sweet-smelling, ready to create that all-important first impression.
10. Plan to sell within 60 days. The first two months, while your house is still new on the Madison real estate market, are crucial. Work with your broker to make your home visible. Open houses and prominent “For Sale” signs work wonders.